A place to stand-poster

25 Feb - 08 Apr, 2022

A place to stand

sculpture group exhibition

  • The new sculpture is capable of finding inventive ways to move forward. To do so, on one hand, it extends spatially in different styles and on the other hand raises issues that have not been a subject of discussion or have not been discussed in their current sense in the past even if the result turns out to be a figurative sculpture. 

    Intrusion and integration with other media are also among the new approaches in the cutting-edge sculpture division. 

    These days, the presence of technology and utilizing recently-discovered material and fresh ideas along with repurposing industrial techniques and matters in the artistic process have led to the creation of innovative pieces. 

    In recent years, what has been less paid attention to in the biennials and exhibitions is the sculptors’ potential in their perception of space and how they deal with projects and sculpture-related issues. This quality cannot be found in any of the artists’ sudden and overnight successes. 

    This exhibition attempts to illustrate this view.  

    amir mobed, anahita ghasemkhani, behdad lahooti, Behrouz Heshmat, farzaneh bahram nouri, golnaz behrouznia, kourosh golnari, mahsa karimzadeh, Masoumeh Mohtadi, mehdi shirahmadi, mohammadhossein emad, mohammadreza khalaji, Mohammadreza yazdi, mona aghababaee, Sahand Hesamiyan, shaya shahrestani,

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