Free Perception-poster

10 - 24 dec, 2021

Free Perception

Group Exhibition

  • I don’t tell anyone what to draw or how to draw! I want to help them find the courage to start, tolerate failures, enjoy wandering, dare getting lost, not get obsessed with the result, have patience and longing. My answer to how to start to draw is simple: once the tip of the pencil touches the blank paper, the drawing comes to life! This is how we used to draw as children. We were thrilled by the excitement of leaving a mark on paper and drawing each line would reassure us of our existence. But all this ended when we drew the first apple at school. Drawing needs to be saved. It should be straightforward. Everyone should be reminded that as children we were all capable of drawing. It should be acknowledged that kids learn skills like walking without training. We should leave ourselves to our inner children and let them guide us for a few years in order to liberate us and let us be our own drawing tools through playful doodles; teaching us not to rely on names and meanings, drawing everything and look again to understand and appreciate. Only following such a process, we realize:” all we need to do is to touch the paper with a pencil to begin watching the universe!” 

    p.s. I forgot to mention, although it may appear an easy path, it takes years to become a keen observer and to keep on is a challenging course abound with struggles. Patience would help, and passion mitigates the agony.   

    amirhossein ally, delaram zakeri, elmira laki, fariba banaye movahed, mahdieh azizi rad, mahsa kaialha, mohammadreza khalili, samaneh yousefi, shadi ejbari, soha kabiri,

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